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making money with myspace

There are tons of guides out on the internet right now about how to make money with
MySpace by promoting affiliate products, sending them to Adsense pages, building opt-in lists for your target market, etc...
This guide is giving you the EXACT steps that I use to make money with MySpace. It is pretty short because I don't like filler, so here goes:
Step 1: Create a MySpace account, you can use a fake email address you do NOT have to click the link to verify the account.

Make sure you select “Female” and choose an age between 18-23. You should also use a zip code from a popular city - more people on MySpace will find you this way.
Also, the CAPTCHA is NOT case sensitive - you can type all the letters in lowercase. I only recently found this out and it made me mad ;)
Step 2: Upload a picture of an attractive girl to the profile. This should be self-explanatory, sex SELLS. If you have a picture of an attractive girl, more of your friend requests will be accepted and that is more people to market to.

Step 3: Edit your user profile. You should make this as believable as possible. Make the
headline something like “I'm better than you!”, “Keep dreaming...”, etc. Fill out the rest of the profile. You can put a survey like lots of other MySpace users in the about me section from the following site:

Step 4: Now that you have a believable looking profile, it is time to start sending out friend requests! Currently the limit is 50 per account per day. After 50, you have to type in a
CAPTCHA code by hand if you want to continue. I do not continue I just go onto my next account. To find people to add as friends I go to the “Browse” page on MySpace. Then use the following search criteria:

- Both Men and Women
- Last Login
- Show only users who have photos
- Age 18 to 18.
Once you have collected all of the friends for this criteria, you can change the age to 19 to
19, 20 to 20, 21 to 21, and so on. This is the best way to target lots of different people.

This will take you a long time by hand, so I recommend using BadderAdder or SpaceStation
for much more automation.
Step 5: Comment time! A lot of people send out bulletins, messages, event invites, group invites and others...BUT I am telling you that they will not bring in any profits compared to comments. Comments are seen on the user's public profile. That means their friends see the comment you leave as well.
Say you send out 50 comments in one day and for each one of those 50 users, 10 friends views their MySpace page. That means that you potentially have 500 eyeballs about to see your comment, just from sending out 50 comments!

You can only send comments to people that are your “friends” however. That is the point of the friend requests. I like to promote paid surveys products on MySpace, they convert VERY well - better than anything else I have promoted on MySpace. Here is an example of a
comment that I send out:

“hey you!
were you the one asking me how i make a lot of money on the
internet? if you were, all i do is fill out these surveys that
companies send to my email daily. they then pay me between
$25-125. it takes about 20 mins to complete each survey.
everyone always asks me why they have to pay money to get started up, but once they join they realize how important the site below really is. they filter out companies that don't really pay you to take surveys, so basically you will ALWAYS get paid because they test out the company first.

i mean, come on, you fill out surveys all day on MySpace for
free...why not get paid for it? Go check out the site below now and read their guarantee:

Here To Start Making Money By Filling In Surveys!

This is a comment that I send out VERY OFTEN, and it converts VERY WELL. I don't recommend you use it exactly, but take notes from it and write your own.

You will have to wait until your friend requests get accepted to start sending comments. If
you do, you should start back at Step 1 again and keep creating accounts and adding friends
to them using BadderAdder or SpaceStation.


1. Make new MySpace accounts, edit the profile, upload picture(s).
2. Add 50 friends to each account.
3. Send up to 50 comments from each account.

That is it. If you follow these steps exactly you WILL start to make Clickbank sales using
FREE MySpace advertising. I know because I use the exact steps and I make sales every
single day.
This is not the only path you can take however. You can sell different products to different groups of people on MySpace by going into the groups section as well. This is just what works BEST for me.

As you grow your MySpace marketing by adding new accounts, new friends, and more comments, so will your profits!
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